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As you could probably know, Julia Rubio is the writer of hundred of children books that we all had read when we were a child. As a writer she has contributed to promote a correct civic culture in our kids, give the opportunity to our imagination to go further than we had expected and promote reading. I am a book lover thanks for her and her books. Also we should feel grateful to have an important eminence in our city fighting every year to create intelligent and independent minds in underage people.


If my local hero proposal is accepted I suggest to rename the old library situated in the city center with Julia Rubio´s name. In same interview she mentioned that she used to go there when she was a child and the library had formed part of her childhood. She is a very valuable writer in our city and also a great reader for that, I am completely sure that she would be glad with that honor.  It could be the perfect end for her career. 


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